Q. How do I make a reservation?

A. When you find the property that you like please check its availability. If the property is available for the period you are interested on you only need to contact us filling the Enquiry form included at the bottom of each accommodation’s page. We will reply to you within 24 hours confirming availability and price. After that you only need to reply to our email confirming your intention to book and we will send you instructions on how to pay a deposit to secure the booking.

Q. How can I check availability of the accommodations?

A. Please make an enquiry and we will confirm availability.

Q. Where can I find the accommodation’s prices?

A. Each accommodation’s page on includes a price section. Prices are stated in Euros and correspond to the final weekly or nightly prices.

Q. Does the number of sleeping places includes infants (in a cot)?

A. YES, the maximum capacity includes infants. A detailed sleeping places arrangement is clearly stated on the Features section of each accommodation.

Q. Is it possible to arrive and/or depart on any day of the week?

A. In the high season (July, August and beginning of September), most of the accommodations accept only Saturday-Saturday stays though we try to be flexible when possible. During the low and medium seasons arrival and departure days are flexible so you are free to check-in and check-out any day of the week.

Q. Are the villas and the apartments safe for children?

A. In the Property Details of each accommodation’s page you will find a “Suitable for Children” indicator showing whether the accommodation is more or less safe for children. However, most of the villas and apartments are perfect for families with children and have been tested by numerous families with children in recent years. We will of course be happy to provide you with any specific information in this regard should it be a concern for you.

Q. Are pets accepted?

A. It depends, pets are accepted in some houses but not in all of them (this is always specified for each accommodation). In any case, you need to ask us for confirmation before to come with your pet (owners like to know the size and kind of pets).


Q. Is electricity consumption included?

A. Electricity is included for most of the accommodations. However, some accommodation’s owners might ask you to pay for your electricity consumption at the end of the stay. If electricity is not included this will be clearly stated, together with the KW unit cost, in the Extra Services section and in the price confirmation. The cost will be calculated by taking note of the KWs used during your stay and you will pay ONLY for what you used. In most of the cases, a responsible use of the electrical appliances costs between 10 and 20 euro per week.

Even when electricity is included we do ask guests to use electrical appliances and lighting in a responsible and ecological manner, making sure that air-conditioning units are turned off when leaving the property or when windows are open.

Q. Are gas and water included?

A. YES, gas and water are included in the rental price.

Q. Is cleaning included?

A. YES, all villas and apartments get cleaned after each check-out ensuring that you will find them clean when you check-in. If you are staying two or more weeks, some accommodations might include clean and change of linen every 7 days. Some also offers one or more cleans included during the week. Frequency of cleaning/linen change is specified in each accommodation’s page. It is also possible to organize extra cleaning on request for a small extra fee to pay locally.

Q. Are bed linens and towels provided?

A. YES. On arrival you will find all bed linens and towels for all your party. Some accommodations offers also beach/pool towels (this will be specified in the “Services Included” section).

Q. How often are sheets and towels changed?

A. In most cases bed linen and towels are not changed during your stay as most of the properties have washing machines and thanks to the warm weather it is usually possible dry linens within the day. Nevertheless, some accommodations offer bed linen/towels change every 7 days or within the week. When available, frequency of change is specified in the accommodation’s page. It is also possible to get extra linen/towels or organize extra cleaning on request for a small extra fee to pay locally.

Q. Is there a washing machine?

A. Most of the villas and apartments have washing machines. Please check the Property Details section on each accommodation’s page.

Q. Is there an iron and ironing board?

A. Most of the villas and apartments provide iron and ironing board. Please check the Property Details section on each accommodation’s page.

Q. Is there Internet at the accommodation?

A. Most of the accommodations have some form of Internet access, either a WI-FI connection or a 3G USB key. In the latter case, a broadband key will be provided and guests can buy their own SIM data card (this is due to privacy reasons as the Italian law require to register SIM-cards under the final user’s name). To do this you can simply go to the nearest mobile phone shop with your ID/passport or driving license and ask for a “carta SIM” of the same brand of the USB key provided (we advise to bring the USB key with you to the phone shop). Price is around 10-15 euro and includes already enough internet usage for a week stay. You can then top up your SIM-card anytime if you need extra traffic.

Q. Is the use of the Swimming Pool included in the price?

A. Some villas have their own private swimming pool and the use of it is included in the rental price unless otherwise specified.

Other accommodations have access to a communal swimming pool which in most cases requires an extra charge. Some accommodations include already the use of the pool in the rental price while others might not include it. In the latter case the swimming pool charge can be paid locally by those who wish to use it. In those cases when the pool is not included you will never be asked to pay an extra charge for the pool if you don’t plan to use it.

We then advise you to check for inclusion or cost of the Swimming Pool use in the “Services Included” or the “Extra Services” sections of each accommodation’s page.

For a complete list of services available at the accommodations please see the individual pages of each villa/apartment you are interested in; each includes sections specifying what is included and what is extra and available on request.


Q. Do you only arrange accommodation?

A. No, we can also arrange a series of other services for you, including wine-tours, private drivers and transfers to/from any airport, excursions to Etna, the Aeolian Islands, Agrigento, Park of the Madonies (including lunch with typical Sicilian food). Please see our Tours and Transfers page for more in-depth information or contact us.

Q. We plan to tour around the island but we don’t want to drive every day. Can you arrange a private driver for us?

A. YES, please contact us to let us know your destinations and we will provide you with an estimation of the cost.

Q. We plan to relax as much as possible and would love to have a masseuse come to our accommodation. Is this possible?

A. YES, we’d be happy to organize this for you. Just let us know in advance.

Q. Can you provide guided tours to natural beauties, historic towns or archaeological sites?

A. YES, we can arrange guided tours for you. Please see our Tours page.


Q. How will I find the accommodation and get inside?

A. You will find a map indicating the position of the property in each accommodation’s page. Next to the map you will also find the coordinates of the accommodation. Please use either the map or the coordinates to locate the property before your departure. You can can also get detailed road directions simply copying and pasting the coordinates and typing the name of the airport or the place where you are coming from on Google Maps.

If you are having problems finding the place you can call us. We will help you arrive. There will be someone waiting for you at your villa, either the owner or a representative. They will give you a complete introduction to the house and leave you the keys.

Q. What are the check-in times?

A. Standard check-in times are between 14,00 and 0,00 but some accommodations might have different check-in time so please check this in the accommodation’s page in the Property Details section.

It is usually not possible to arrive earlier as the houses need to be cleaned and prepared before your arrival (usually other guests have just checked out that morning). However, it may be possible to drop off your luggage earlier and then return at 14,00. Please note that it is important to confirm either with us or the owner your estimated check-in time at least one day before your arrival and to be as punctual as possible; most of the owners live or work far from the villa and make a special trip to welcome you. Should there be any delay, please let us or the owner know.

Q. If my estimated check-in time is later than midnight?

A. It is usually possible to check-in also later than midnight as long as we or the owner are informed about that in advance. However, some owners might apply a small extra charge to be paid locally. If that is the case you will be informed before your arrival, as soon as you let us know.

Q. I’m arriving late in the evening – the shops will be shut. What can I eat?

A. If you are arriving late and wish to find a snack or something to eat for breakfast please let us know (together with your shopping list) and we will ask the owner to do a welcome shop for you. Normally there is no extra fee charged for this service. Should there be an extra fee you will be informed in advance.

Q. Once arrived at the accommodation, do I find information about it and the area?

A. In most of the accommodations you will find a “House Guidelines” multi-language leaflet which includes all necessary information about the accommodation, general rules, contact numbers, information about the local area (including amenities, emergency numbers and local first aid/hospital) and excursions available. House Guidelines are individual to each property and are designed to help you finding the necessary information and solve any problem immediately. Please read them carefully at the beginning and during your stay.

If you wish, before your depart we can send you a pdf file of the leaflet. Feel free to ask us!

Q. When do I have to check out by?

A. Standard check-out time is by 10.00 in the morning. It is not usually possible to check-out after this time as the house need to be cleaned and prepared thoroughly for the arrival of other guests. If there are no other guests arriving that day you can ask the owner or his representative to extend check-out time.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a problem at the accommodation?

A. When you get your Booking Confirmation you will find there the owner’s (or his representative’s) contact number. The first person to contact is him. Should he be not reachable or should you have foreign language understanding problems, you can contact us any time from 9,00 to 21,00.

Q. Can I smoke in the accommodations?

A. Smoking is not permitted inside the villas. There is no restriction to smoke outside but please do not throw your cigarettes on the pavement or garden.


Q. Where can we fly to/from?

A. Sicily has three international airports: Palermo, Catania and Trapani. There are several direct and low cost flights from all over Europe. For more information see our Airports & Transport section.

Q. Do we need to rent a car?

A. Most of the accommodations are usually located within walking distances from the amenities (restaurants, supermarkets, etc) and in proximity to rail or bus stations, so renting a car is not really essential, especially if you plan to spend most of your holiday going to the sea or simply relaxing in the garden of the villa. However we always advise to rent a car, even if you just do it locally for a few days only, as in some areas public transport’s timetables might not always meet your traveling hours, might not reach all destinations within reasonable time or, in the worst cases, might not be terribly reliable. If you don’t plan to drive while on holiday we can also assist you with calling a taxi or even booking a Airport Transfer!

Q. Do you arrange flights or car hire?

A. We do not arrange flights or car hire but we can give you advise on that and suggest you the appropriate websites to help you find the best prices and deals available. In the Airports & Transport section you will also find some useful information on how to reach us.

Q. Will I be able to reach an accommodation in the Cefalù or Palermo area if my flight arrives in Catania or Trapani?

A. YES. Catania airport is less than 2 hours drive from Cefalù and 2 hours from Palermo (all along a free motorway). Trapani airport, in the far west of Sicily is perfect for getting to those accommodations in Palermo and Cefalù and the north coast. The drive time from Trapani to Palermo is slightly more than 1 hour and to Cefalù is less than 2 hours. You can also find the exact distances from the accommodation to each airport in the “Activities nearby & Distances” section in each accommodation’s page.


Q. How safe is Sicily?

A. Sicily is a safe region, and in some cases safer than other regions in Italy (and indeed the rest of the world). Don’t believe you will see “Mafia men” along the streets, this is only a stereotype. Large cities are just as safe as any other large city in Europe and the World as long as you take the normal precautions. In the smaller towns bag-snatching or muggings are virtually not existing.

Q. Will my US cell phone work in Italy?

A. Before leaving for Italy, you need to contact your network provider to make sure your mobile will work over here. If your mobile is a GSM it should work in Italy. However, you always have the possibility to buy a SIM card here (and we advise you to do it as it’s much more convenient cost-wise) and swap it with the US one (an ID is requested when buying the SIM card).

Q. What is the voltage in Italy? Should we bring adapters?

A. Italy is using the European standard for electricity which is 220v – 50Hz but you will need an adapter for the power sockets, especially if you are coming from the UK (new houses have European sockets but it is possible to find the old Italian standard).

If you are coming from America please check if your appliances (laptops, etc) work with the Italian standards and if needed take any voltage converter or adapters with you.

Q. We are planning on bringing DVDs from America. Will they work on Italian DVD players?

A. They will probably not work as American DVD and European DVD have 2 different configurations. Some of the houses have satellite TV that will allow you to watch some channels in English.


Q. Why should I book through your website?

A. There are many reasons. One of these is that we offer all support and advise needed before booking, giving information about the area and the services available with impartiality.

We also offer a clear and easy booking process, allowing payments also by credit cards.

Booking an accommodation through Rentals Italia will give you also the opportunity to get a 50% discount on entry tickets for selected equipped beaches and discounts on restaurants, discos/pubs and many other places.

Our service are completely FREE OF CHARGES to the traveler, the rates of the accommodations on our website are NOT increased with any commission or booking fees and reflects the average rates of other similar accommodations in the same area. Unlike most of the holiday rentals website around, we DO NOT add a (sometimes expensive) service fee to the booking cost. It is the owners of the accommodations who pays for our services, not the traveler.