Sicily Map

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea. The island has a very rich past and history. It has been colonized by Greek, Punic, Roman and also Byzantines, Arabs and Normans until eventually being part of the Italian Republic. All these populations left some remarkable marks on the territory, from architecture to food, music and language, making Sicily one of the most beautiful and surprising places to discover in the Mediterranean sea.

Sicily has a hilly territory as well as nice and long coasts (more than 1000 Km!), offering then a wide range of activities as it is possible to practice trekking, mountain biking as well as enjoying the sea side with snorkeling, sub immersions, kite surfing and many other activities such as paragliding and climbing.

BeachThe island benefits also from a Mediterranean climate, warm/hot and dry summer (from May till October) and wet and cool in winter. Sometimes in spring you can also admire the mountains covered with the last snow, watching them from the coast… while bathing in the sea!

The transportation infrastructure is developed with several motorways (from Trapani to Messina, Messina to Syracuse and Ragusa, Palermo to Catania), 4 airports (Palermo, Catania, Trapani and Comiso, near Ragusa) and also a network for train. There are also several buses departing from major cities and reaching any part of the island and local buses serving smaller towns. Although public transport has a spread network, driving is always the best way to visit Sicily, thanks to the freedom and independence it gives and for the “sometimes-not-terrific” reliability of public transport.

Palermo CathedralThe most popular places in Sicily for their historic and cultural patrimony are Palermo (the Capital of the region), Catania, the Etna, the archeological Greek sites of Segesta, Selinunte and Agrigento, Taormina, Syracuse, Cefalù, Trapani, Erice, Piazza Armerina (with its amazing mosaics at the Roman Villa where you can admire the first woman in bikini in history!) and so many more that it’s impossible to write them all here, the list would never end! Every corner of Sicily can hide a treasure!

Guide books are a must for discovering the most of the Island but driving around following your instinct, walking in the small roads of a typical village or taking a path in a natural park will make you discover Sicily in all its beauty.

Cefalù-SicilySicily, a big island with history, strong traditions, nice and friendly people, delicious food & wine… and a lot of culture!