The 2020’s coronavirus pandemy and travel restrictions forced many people to cancel their long awaited holidays; we understood how frustrating this could be and managed to handle all cancellations with high professionalism and care. In 2021 we will continue offering  great customer care and more flexible cancellations terms to all reservations!

In 2020 we offered full credits for free rebooking, refunds and custom alternatives to those who were forced to cancel. This has been also certified by major partner websites:

Cancellations handles with care award - VRBO screenshot

All* bookings for year 2021 will be covered in case of emergency cancellation!

Rentalsitalia wishes to offer you complete peace of mind when booking. We have set new and much more flexible cancellation terms, valid throughout all year 2021, which supersede our standard cancellation policy (for more info on the standard policy see our Terms & Conditions).

If you cancel up to 60 days from the arrival date, we will refund 90% of your advance payments (instead of the standard 30%) and you always keep 100% of any final payment due on arrival. IN ADDITION, if you are forced to cancel after the 60 days term, our Emergency Cancellation Policy will cover you.


70% REFUND – We will refund 70% of the advance payments, plus you keep 100% of any final payment due on arrival

100% CREDIT – You will get a credit of 100% of the paid amounts at the time of cancellation which you can use to reschedule your reservation at any time, up to one year from the original dates, PLUS:

· The credit can be transferred to a friend or relative in case you are unable to use it

· Price is locked, in case the rates increase before you confirm the new dates

· You can exchange the credit with a refund up to 70%** should you change your mind or be forced to cancel again


This initiative remains subject to’s terms & conditions. Feel free to ask for more info.

The Emergency Cancellation Policy set above will be applied only if emergency travel restrictions related to Covid-19 epidemy are officially in place in either your Country or in Sicily and it’s valid up to 30 days before the arrival date (extendable by paying an extra, please contact us for more info), after that term we may still consider a partial refund/credit, to be determined case by case. The policy may be exceptionally applied also for flight cancelled by the carrier due to sanitary emergency, subject to our approval (evidences will be required). Refunds and credits refer to paid amounts except any other website’s booking/service/administrative fees (which are refunded at the website’s discretion).

A cancellation fee of 20 euro will be applied to each cancellation and will be deducted from the amount of the refund.

*Bookings longer than 3 weeks will not benefit from the cancellation terms above, however we will still apply flexible terms which will be agreed case by case.
**The exchange for a refund will be available until 90 days from the new booking’s arrival date. The amount of the refund will decrease progressively from 70% to 20% as the 90 days limit approaches.